We know what we are, but 
    know not what we may be.
William Shakespeare
I have been conducting workshops for many years.  The venues I have been the keynote speaker at include the Healing Heart Retreat for Sex and Love Addicts, the Harborview Sexual and Assault Center, the UW Women's Center, the Seattle Counseling Association, the Eastside Counseling Association, Coastal Treament Services, Inc. as well as many other associations.  
Contact me for availability at 206-402-9889 and for alternative workshops that are not mentioned below.  The following is a list of some of the topics I love to discuss...

Communication skills-addresses how people close to us can be so...wrong!  Come on, that's what we really want to believe isn't it?  We will explore how the break down occurs in connecting with others, what prevents it, and how to anticipate and resolve impasses before they become entrenched in the relationship.

Cold, cruel and emotionally abusive people-discusses how to spot them, what methods they typically employ and what to do about them.  I use the latest literature on narcissism, sociopaths and anti-social types.
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Workshops and Groups you might want to know     about...

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        new group is listed below:

  The difference between an addict and      a spiritual warrior is discipline.
                                      Danielle DeBray

                      A new Men AND  Womens' Group!
     Emotional Intimacy Integration and Communication
                          Every Wednesday 4:30-6pm
Come explore how you can maintain your sense of self and still be able to handle a confrontation.  Practice skills in a safe environment that enable you to root out issues of codependency, trauma, avoidance, and being "too nice". Watch how effective you can be when you apply assertiveness skills in all relationships and heal deep-seated destructive behavior.
Cost is $40/session.  

      If you have questions or wish to join, please contact me at
                     206-402-9889 or

MORE Emotional Intimacy Integration Groups below..
Emotional Issues of your Money- is one of the hottest topics in our culture, and yet, money is really only the physical manifestation of our energy.  This workshop explores how this is so and what is true for you.

Our Relationship with Food-addresses how to integrate food into one's life in a healthy  manner. We look at the various roles of food, what they have been in your life and how to unhook them to adopt  a healthier eating pattern. 

How to find passion in one's life-this workshop examines how people have lost their direction or lost touch with that vital fire that gives their life meaning.  We will discuss how that can happen,  what has happened in your life, and how to revitalize or redirect that passion and drive.

Powerful Women and Sensuality-offers a means to integrate the sensual aspect of one's self. 
Sometimes women have followed modeling based upon the male culture how to be powerful.
What can happen is that womenloose a vital aspect that they bring to the
lives they touch.  This has a devastating impact in both the
work and the family/social life.

LGBT related issues-often times we see a confusion of the roles as
individuals in the LGBT community struggle to create their own identity.
Explore possible role clarity and the ensuing communication styles.

Sometimes our attempts to connect with others are unsuccessful and our current relationships are painful.  Groups offer the opportunity to work past that to create healthier relationships with others.

Emotional Intimacy Integration and Communication skill Groups: integrate the skills of being authentic and transparent in a safe environment to address previous trauma/hurts in relationships that block you from being powerful or effective in relationships.  You will learn conflict resolution skills through a combination of acquring mindfulness skills, some DBT skills, family of origin awareness and heart/head dialogue.  The cost is $40/session.

Men and Womens' group-(these are two seperate groups)
    Wednesday night group meets 4:30-6 pm
    Thursday morning group meets 11am-12 pm
Womens' Group
    Tuesday night group meets at 6:30- 8 pm 
Men's Group
    Monday nights at 7:30-9 pm
My contact information
(206) 402-9889 or