We know what we are, but 
    know not what we may be.
William Shakespeare
Healing Heart Retreat for Sex and Love Addicts, Harborview Sexual and Assault Center, UW Women's Center, Seattle Counseling Association, Eastside Counseling Association, Coastal Treament Services, Inc. 

Communication skills-addresses how people close to us can be so...wrong!  Come on, that's what we really want to believe isn't it?  We will explore how the break down occurs in connecting with others, what prevents it, and how to anticipate and resolve impasses before they become entrenched in the relationship.

Otherness-is one of my favorite workshops.  It is meant to help people who feel as if everyone else has the rule book to life and somehow you got left out.  Many intellectually gifted, highly sensitive people, extraordinarily sensory perceptives, addicts in recovery can feel this way.  This workshop provides space to explore the anguish that can and how to cope.
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  The difference between an addict and      a spiritual warrior is discipline.
                                      Danielle DeBray
Attachment Healing Groups
These are social labs (also known as T-groups) based off
 of Modern Analytical Theory that offers in-the-moment group work.

If you have had years of therapy and still struggle with deep seated issues or unhealthy relationships in your life and you are motivated to make a change, these groups are the next step.
I utilize traditional psychodynamic theories combined with meditation, and psychospiritual approaches to bring wholeness.
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Times are listed below, but please contact me for availability
The Difference between Narcissicsm, Psychopaths and Sociopaths-how do you identify them and cope!  Or are you by chance one? How do you avoid being destroyed by their wounding? Or if you identify as one of the above, how do you cope with your own wounding that has left you at odds with others or society?

The relationship of Addiction, Attachment and  Trauma- learn about the latest research regarding the powerful combination that destroys lives.  Learn how this trio may have impacted yourself or a loved one and what are realistic expectations of coping mechanisms and integration in society.  Often times, since the feeling of Otherness left, what causes that and what's the cure?

Safe Expressions of Anger-We live in a polarized world regarding our anger.  Any expression of anger today appears to be taboo unless an overexagerated-crass-in-your-face modality is employed.  This has a 
devastating impact on both work and the family/social life because 
repression of anger is highly dysfunctional, but we have lost touch with what
functional anger looks like and what it is for. This workshop will not only
show you what functional anger looks like, but what to do with it!

Sometimes our attempts to connect with others are unsuccessful and our current relationships are/were painful despite years of therapy or work In The Rooms.  These groups offer an expedited means of making a change in your life by helping understand how to attach to yourself as well as to others.  These are advanced groups for people who are emotionally ready to work to make a change and reach their highest potential.

Practice skills in a social lab that enable you to root out issues of codependency, trauma, rage, avoidance, and being "too nice".  Watch how effective you can be when you apply tools that enable you to track and heal deep-seated destructive behaviors from attachment issues, betrayals or ruptures.
The cost is $50/session.

Womens' Group -Tuesday night at 6:30 pm - 8 pm 
Men's Group - Wednesday night at 5 pm - 6:30 pm
Men's and Women's Group - Thursday morning  at 11 am - 12:30 pm
 Attachment Healing Groups:
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