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This page/Blog offers another way of getting to know me.

I randomly have reactions to current events from a psychological and sprititual perspective that I want to share from my soapbox.  I fear my rantings are only interesting to me, but so often, I see things or know things that are happening that need to be brought to light.  I also know that if I don't create the courage to speak up, then I might not be aiding someone else's effort to be courageous.

I know that knowledge is power and speaking up is powerful. I believe that if I dare to speak up, others will know that they are not alone in their opinions and beliefs and with that knowledge, momentum can be gained in attaining awareness.

My intention in climbing onto my metaphorical internet soapbox is to help the effort to bring everyone to their highest potential.  I hold that we are creating a better world when we reach within ourselves to seek a better self.  For in that momentous effort, compassion for ourselves is attained and then compassion for other's becomes sweetly and joyously infectuous.

Enjoy!  I welcome your comments and reactions!

Fast away the old year passes...

by Danielle DeBray on 12/28/14

This morning I was reflecting upon what I would say to people in my Seasonal Letter.  I can't call it a Christmas letter because, I missed that date.  I wondered what I would say, because of course I want to put my best foot forward about my life.  Christmas cards seem to be the early or the original version of a Facebook entry.  I am not very good at Facebook; I don't see the point as I find real stories much more interesting than the practiced facade.

This is probably another reason why my Christmas letters became Seasonal letters, I had a few challenges and I don't really care to fall in line with societal decorum and put an inauthentic spin on them.  So, I will write what everyone else has probably heard versions of at some point if they sat across from me in my office as I encouraged and/or cajolled to your fullest potential...

This year has been full of challenges for many people.  We have learned and been propelled to our greater good, but, the lessons may have hurt a bit this year.

I saw friends loose everything they had in devestating fires in Eastern Washington.  I saw friends struggle physically, fiscally, emotionally, some even died.  I don't understand why one died a tragic painful death.  That is beyond my comprehension why that path was given to her, but I bow my head, surrender and trust the process.

And in so doing,I have seen amazing things as well.  I have seen tremendous courage as many have reached within to understand and better themselves  I know of one person who had the tenacity to fight off their addiction and at the same time be rocked almost to the brink of insanity as they confronted core issues that they had avoided since the original trauma.

I have seen someone who I never thought would bend due to the incredible trauma experienced, that I almost didn't catch it when they yielded so quietly and graciously as if that was always the way of it. A miracle.

I do not pretend to understand the pattern of the webs we weave, but I know that it brings goodness although we may sufffer a bit before we realize the joy.  I, personsonally, end this year on a high.  A back injury that has plagued me for over a year seems to finally be releasing it's grip on me and with it some of my own family of origin issues are melting away as well. 

I am excited by new prospects within my spiritual growth, within my business, withing my community. How I wish I could have had a sense of this excitement when I was in some of the darker hours I experienced this past year, and yet, the reward of surrending to the mystery would not be as sweet as it is now.

Isn't that the way of it?

Happy New Year-Lean into the mystery that it offers to release you from the old!


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